Do you need more space but love where you live?  Instead of spending money on estate agents and stamp duty, why not invest the money on your current home by utilising the loft space? We can help you by transforming your unused loft into a living space.

Converting your loft into an extra room not only gives you more space to enjoy it also adds significant value to your property making a great investment for the future.  There are three main types of loft conversion, depending on the style of your roof and the amount of space you want to gain.

Dormer loft conversion

A Dormer loft conversion is an extension that projects vertically from the roof, creating additional floor space and headroom within the property. Internally, a dormer has vertical walls and a horizontal ceiling.  It is the most popular type of loft conversion as it offers the most usable floor space, normally without the need for planning permission.

Velux conversion

A Velux conversion leaves the roof-line unaltered, with the addition of Velux windows. This means that the original roof structure is untouched. Therefore, planning permission is not generally required, making it an attractive option for many, especially as it is normally the most affordable option.

Hip-to-gable conversion

A Hip-to-gable conversion involves changing the sloping side of the property to a flat gable end. The majority of houses that are hip roofed in style tend to have a smaller area to convert. So for a conversion to be practical, a hip-to-gable conversion is a smart solution.


Need extra space for a growing family or want more rooms? Maybe you’ve always wanted a bigger kitchen or a larger dining room, maybe you don’t use the garage.  Why not consider an extension?

You can transform your home with Omin Property Solutions at your side.  We can discuss your needs and vision and put you in touch with our experienced architects and deliver a complete package for the project, including planning permission as required, third party wall agreements and any other legal requirements.

Whether a single or double storey side extension, back extension or garage conversion, you can be sure we will maximise the space and enhance the layout of your property to meet your needs.


Does you whole house need a pick me up? Are you tired of the same interior? A full and part refurbishment gives you the opportunity to reinvent the design of your property. We, at OMNI Property Solutions will fully property manage the project from start to finish.

We’re a proud, ambitious company with a great team or tradesmen including builders, plumbers, electricians, plasteres, painters and decorators. With a complet range of services and trades, we can cover all the bases of the refurbishment.


Is your bathroom outdated? Tired of the old tiles, mixers that don’t work, that advocado suite not quite en vogue? Our experts at OMNI Property Solutions can provide a quality bathroom installation service ranging from wet rooms, showers, baths, sealed toilet systems and more.

We have helped customers visualise and achieve their dream bathroom through our outstanding friendly design service and personal customer care. Our technical knowledge and experience gives us a unique ability to advise you on every aspect of design, supply and bathroom fitting.


Are you building your dream house at last but don’t have the time to coordiante, oversee or execute the process of decorating it? Let OMNI Property Solutions follow your guidelines and deliver a beautifully decorated home, that will be the envy of your family and friends.

We also provie decorating support if you have an existing residential space that needs a facelift without a lot of construction work being involved. We will work alongside you to ensure that all details are coordinated and the entire project meets your expectations.


OMNi Property Soloutions offer a complete building service throughout Surrey & London.

We are relaible and trusted who work with specialists to complete any project to the highest standard.



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